Most Are Not Ready for Holistic Vision


Most who live and die on this planet are not ready for Holistic Vision, just as most people are either not ready for success or do not truly desire success; a sad fact professed by many teachers of success across space and time.

This is not a use of the common “exclusive” marketing ploy used to arouse intrigue and attraction in targets so to gain them as customers. It is merely a sad truth. Most people are so ingrained, “educated”, in stifling cognitive schematics, thinking practices that obliterate their abilities to even begin to see issues, opportunities, abilities, ideas, needs, solutions and uses on such tremendously high levels so to affect their chosen paths far & wide in such grand manners.

Even Holistic Vision clients must be reminded multiple times of the all-encompassing applicability of Holistic Vision in all landscapes of their lives, from the simple to the advanced aspects of their work, social and personal lives. This point is even more baffling when, in most instances, it is one of the main reasons many undergo Holistic Vision training – to create step-change in all aspects of their lives.

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