Holistic Vision – The Only Practice Proven & Applicable Across All Aspects of Every Person’s Life


Holistic Vision is the only practice proven, applicable across every aspect of every person’s life regardless of his/her role, social status, business, education, country, language and cognitive capability.

A few, what some may call “simpler” what some may call “advanced”, uses that clients have and continue to use Holistic Vision for are below.

  • Report creation (Excel sheets, PPT slides, databases)
  • Arguing/Debating
  • Relationship database creation
  • Data analysis
  • Cross-cultural team management
  • Email management
  • Writing (term papers, poems/poetry, college entrance papers/university entrance papers, emails, sales copy, content marketing, storytelling, social media posts, speech creation)
  • Public speaking
  • Coaching (life coaching, career coaching)
  • Strategic planning
  • Operations efficiency
  • Operations management
  • Systems creation
  • Estate planning
  • Hedgefund management
  • Business planning
  • Network marketing
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Bodyguarding/Protective service
  • Fastfood servicing
  • Customer service enhancement
  • Parenting
  • Marketing (brand creation, brand awareness)
  • Design (fashion, interior, architectural, artistic)

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