Continuing My Divorcing of LinkedIn Contacts, & I Suggest You Do The Same If You Want to Advance Your Endeavors

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1,930 contacts to start this 2019 new year off. This number continues to climb and fall, somewhat to the natural rhythm of the New York Stock Exchange as I gain connections, and quickly lose many of those connections, as well as lose old connections. But, this is how I have become even more productive and powerful in advancing my consulting career of the last 10 years now. And, just this morning, only 30 minutes ago, I divorced yet another connection of mine which I only recently gained.

dr hermansjr&steve obregon
Dr. HermanSJr. & Former Police Officer | Holistic Health Entrepreneur Steve Obregon

While gaining contacts, i.e. genuine, true, connections of action, is the best situation, I am always very happy to drop a useless, unprofessional, and uncivil contact as well. This is because it reminds me that I am one person closer to connecting with professional people who seek quid-pro-quo relationships to help each other in our business and/or academic endeavors. Such people are the ones who help fulfill the original and true purpose of LinkedIn – to connect and network with professionals and, thus, advance businesses.

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However, unfortunately, LinkedIn users have succumbed to the perpetuation of the immature and useless nature of almost all other typical social media platforms. Also, even more damaging, LinkedIn users have succumbed to the pathetic and vile core characteristic of incivility that spreads this entire global society with the speed of Hermes, the son of Zeus and Maia, one of the Pleiades, as he runs across this land at supersonic speeds of over 770 mph (1239 kph). This uncivil nature of people across countries, cultures, industries, and languages includes those who lazy and narcissistic people who subscribe and profess the disgusting practices of “ghosting” people, ignoring communications (emails, text/instant messages); practices which are becoming evermore popular and accepted in this day of uncaring. This is exactly what started the creation of various articles by my colleagues Dr. Pooja Gupta (Ph.D.) and Afnan Alfatih Altayeb Ahmed, and myself.


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Ergo, I happily continue this path that helps me divorce from any insincere contacts in LinkedIn, and all across every real-world and virtual landscape, so my time on this planet is used wisely with sincere contacts to collaborate and help each other in advancing our businesses, our names.

So, if you are reading this, are one of my connections, and regularly excuse yourself from being civil to others because you subscribe to the sad mentality that allows you to treat others in the way mentioned here because you are above them, and, ergo, need not provide a, literally, 15-30 second reply, then, please, disconnect from me and even block me. You will be doing me a favor.

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