Ever-Increasing Erosion of Values & Civility In Today’s World Blamed On The “Others”


A report of the world’s characteristics today, as concurred by experts in academia, business, the Arts, and religion.

  • Ever-increasing selfishness
  • Ever-eroding civility
  • Almost complete abolishment of chivalry (from the actions of both males and females)
  • Lack of holistic vision, which allows one to see his/her problems, relationships, education, business, and self (his/her entire world) properly (thoroughly, deeply, and properly)


To see the evidences and the truth behind this report of the world, one need not look far as it is seen across countries, industries, and languages, some examples being:

  • Need for the creation of the word “ghost” as a verb for consciously choosing to ignore others in order to disappear from them
  • Ubiquitous programming of nonsense and socially-eroding characteristics via media (YouTube, TV, books, and music)
  • Lack of civility displayed by people sitting on the outside seat of a two-seated row on buses and trains so the inside seat is unavailable for others to sit (e.g. elderly, pregnant, and female passengers)
  • Social mindset of the acceptability, status quo, of ignoring people’s emails, text messages, and phone calls
  • Establishment of the recently-established record number of no-shows and “ghosting” by job candidates for interviews with companies after the candidates applied for those jobs themselves
  • Likes, shares, and view counts of millions for posts and videos that stem from nonsense, idiocy, and even hatred and violence across social media platforms

What makes this report worse is that most people across countries, industries, and languages concur with these statements but attribute their creation and spread to an invisible group of “others”. In pointing their fingers outward towards these “others”, people therefore are never able to change this repugnant status quo and therefore contribute to a solution. This is because they cannot see their own role in perpetuating these sad characteristics of today’s world. This stems from a far deeper issue than most ever are able to fathom.


The only solution is one that reaches deep into the recess of each person’s mindset, of each person’s vision of their own world, of their own selves. This solution must be one that completely guts the entire mental and visual foundation from each one’s self. Anything less, will only lead to a return of this blinding mentality and vision, and , thus, a return and re-established perpetuation of the blindness and vile characteristics that now, unfortunately, reign across our entire global society, without prejudice of country, industry, and language.

Verily, only acquiring the ability to see this things holistically, i.e. thoroughly, deeply, properly, will be powerful enough to dig this ever-eroding global society out from the depths of selfishness, discontent, and uncaring.


Fortunately, the best way to do this follows a concept that whose tools surround every person on this planet on a daily basis. The tools are in reach of everyone and every day right. Furthermore, these tools are here for our use, for improving our entire global society, and the world in general. Alas, in order to use these tools you must be able to see them; in order to see them you must be able to see your entire self, your entire world in a light you never saw, nor could ever see before.


This tool is the ability to see Interconnectivity across landscapes, without prejudice. Strongly I say that this mindset, this vision is the only channel that grants us the ability to start and ensure perpetual self-development of all of us, for our each one of our own benefit, as well as for our entire global society’s benefit collectively. In fact, such a practice should even be mandated to each of us on this planet, as this kind of mindset and vision is the one, the only one, that led the greatest thinkers across space and time to achieve the triumphs they achieved, across landscapes. They were able to see, understand, and use the powerful universal foundations, concepts, across industries and solve issues that most today cannot even begin to see, much less solve.


  • How will you stifle the perpetuation of the sad state of the world today?
  • How will you teach your children/students/proteges the proper way of the world that once was, but is now gone?
  • How will you change your own mindset and vision so you can begin to see the universals within Nature that show us the proper way to see the world, see issues, see opportunities, and improve our global society and discard the ignorance that has insidiously appeared and reigns across the world via the report noted at the beginning of this work?

Sadly, most who live and die on this planet, and, most who even read this work will never even possess the ability to do so. So, will you? You, reading this work, right now?


(Contact me for the beginning steps.)


Thanks to the talented photographers for their images in this work:

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