All The World’s A Stage & And (Many) The Men & Women Merely (Blind, Idiotic & Vile) Players

The past few weeks in this Boston summer have enjoyed the exceptional William Shakespeare play “Richard III”, conducted by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, and directed by Steven Maler. This led to an inspirational gathering of conversation with my academic and business colleagues across the world in theatre, global management, futurology, and history – the conversation having led to our creation of this piece’s title, albeit a play on not “Richard III”, but another Shakespeare play, “As You Like It”.
How did we arrive at such a creation? Simple. Via first, second, and third-hand accounts of daily life observances.
As my colleagues, myself, and many others across the world have been saying for decades, the world, i.e. chivalry, civility, and concern for each other is crumbling in an ever-increasing manner and speed, building momentum with each new generation arriving on the planet. Looking around, you see evidences of this across countries, cultures, and languages. Speaking with others, you hear evidences of this across countries, cultures, and languages. The examples seem to go on end.
While some argue the opposite, that the world is becoming more unified under the umbrellas of various movements, e.g. “New Age”, “(Adjective) Lives Matter”, etc., when viewing the global situation holistically, one sees that this argued idea is moving through the world at a gravely slower rate than the deeply-rooted, more selfish, and apathetic global mentality that is more concerned with the self, with harboring an inherited right to jobs, education, and privileges. Similar to one viewing a photo of lava flowing through a village and towards a person running from it at a distance of two blocks, at first glance it seems like the person will be able to outrun the lava due to the two blocks distance. However, due to the speed of the lava and the comparatively slower speed of the runner, the lava will ultimately engulf the runner. In this parallel, the runner is the argument for the movements across the world, and the lava is the reality, i.e. the global mentality of today’s people, i.e., again, the deeply-rooted, more selfish, and apathetic global mentality that is more concerned with the self, with harboring an inherited right to jobs, education, and privileges.
Due to the entangled, deeply ingrained, and systemic issue of this overwhelming issue, the time of simply fighting it has long passed; the time of awakening the people to it has long passed. As anyone who has tried to help this long-lost society regain its potential and empowerment knows, doing so is actually met with negativity, ostracization, and even backlash, i.e. combat against those efforts. The only remedy that exists is the one which obliterates the shell of this systemic problem from the inside. Just as the hardening chocolate syrup poured over an ice cream cone is obliterated with one bite of the cone, this vile mentality that is carried and perpetuated throughout this global society by most people on this planet can only be destroyed from within.
This means that only a complete and powerful mindset and vision overhaul is the only way to resolve this issue. Trying any other strategy or tactic would only show limited results, if any at all, and would only lead to the guarantee of the issue reappearing and continuing just as strong as ever, if not stronger after that little deviation by the superficial bandage remedy. Anything else will only perpetuate, and, in turn, strengthen the blindness, idiocy and vileness of the players, i.e. of the people across the world (across this stage).
Creating this overhaul can be done by foolishly wasting time on research and development for a valid strategy, or it can be done by using a system that creates, perpetuates, and resets systems across space and time for billions of years – Nature, i.e. Interconnectivity. For Nature is our research and development entity that has billions of years of research, development, and proof of concept available to us. Not using such a qualified, and already at-hand system would be ridiculous. This concept is similar to the one that drives the entire industry and field of biomimicry.
Now enters the solution of revamping mindsets and vision using the concept of Interconnectivity. (enter stage right)
Gutting out mindsets and visions using the power of Interconnectivity, which is based on concepts, rules, foundations, principles that surround us every day of our life, and are relatable to every industry, field, business, school, culture, language, and issue is the only way to gain the holistic mindset and vision, the most powerful systems vision and thinking that one could ever possibly possess, be that person a successful person already, or a complete failure in society. This is because a mindset and vision based on Interconnectivity is one that forces you to see through distractions and superficial variables quickly so you can envision, create, implement, perpetuate, and train on strategies that solve short and long-term issues; and, which are able to see current variables and issues now, and forecast prospective issues and variables in the short and long-term future.
Nature is interconnected with everything in existence, and it is the most powerful entity that is able to accomplish anything with as few rules, principles, concepts, foundations, laws as possible. This is in contrast to the billions of laws that humans created which exist across cities, towns, villages, states, regions, countries, and industries. There is a reason why Nature is all-powerful while still possessing as few foundations as possible, which gives it its simplicity and beauty behind that simplicity.
The lesson of Nature, of Interconnectivity is one which cannot be afforded to lose. Only those who understand such powerful concepts, who revamp their entire mindset, vision, indeed their entire world using this concept are the ones who are able to see across landscapes and envision, prepare, strategize, and benefit from such ability. Those are the greatest thinkers of the world; the captains of industry; in the words of Apple:
The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
– Einstein (attributed to)
(exit stage left)

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