Two Secrets of Interconnectivity To Transform Your Life Revealed: Watch The Video


It has been said that all we need to live healthy and fulfilled lives is all here for us in Nature (some even further that by saying much of it is in the Rain Forest). As a lifelong interdisciplinarian, no-nonsense academic, and Metaphysician, I can say that this is truer than most who ever live and die on this planet ever realize, and, sadly, to their and all our dismay. The answers to all the issues plaguing everyone in all aspects of this world (business, medicine, education, and personal) all lie within the hidden underlying universal foundations seen in the concept of Interconnectivity. The principle of Interconnectivity spans landscapes (countries, fields, industries, and mentalities) and governs this physical world, universe, and all our successes and failures. Ergo, dismissing the existence and impact of Interconnectivity in your business (e.g. as in hiring, training, strategy, marketing, product pricing…), health (understanding your psychological needs, physical needs, and emotional needs), and happiness (love relationships, friendships, and collegial relationships) is akin to dismissing the concept of gravity and oxygen having a tremendous impact on your world.

Make no mistake, the concept of Interconnectivity has that much of an impact on your entire world; on your ability to see problems and opportunities properly and holistically; on your health and mentality; on your relationships (business and personal). When you can see the hidden and underlying universal foundations, the principles, the concepts, the rules of Interconnectivity you can then understand all the different variables, the different links that connect situations, problems, and opportunities together and impact each other. Foundations uncovered within Interconnectivity are what advance your security, fulfillment, and name.

Watch this new video that reveals two secret foundations of Interconnectivity you should be using immediately to transform how you think, see, and perform; also, how you think about and see problems and opportunities properly and holistically in your entire world.



(Photography credit: Jeremy Bishop Photography)

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