Transforming Your World Comes Only When You Are Prepared For Death (an abstract guide)


Death is nothing to fear, merely another opportunity, revealed only when we are ready


Transformation is a serious endeavor, which comes with serious consequences. Serious in the sense that whatever, or whoever transforms is no longer that thing, or person before. Transformation is nothing to be taken lightly as it is a powerful tool used to tremendously advance something, or someone in a manner that was otherwise never possible without transformation.

Those seeking less, i.e. a quick fix, with less effort required on their part…exit stage left immediately and do not let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. The path to Death detects, scares, and has no mercy for those ingenuine for its benefits.


Due in great part to the spread of misinformation and disinformation by the $9.9BB annually Personal Development Industry, whose best interest is habitual and continual unsecured, unfulfilled, and uneducated customers (including you and your loved ones), most people are misguided in transformation and therefore seek nothing but quick fixes. However, transformation, not simple superficial change, requires genuine, hard, and lengthy work; even moreso when you need to transform your entire mindset and vision, i.e. how you see your entire world, as well as how you think about everyone around you, everything around you, and even yourself. Dying to your current ways, knowledge, and vision is paramount to your success. Without death to these things, there is no transformation. It is that simple.


So then, choosing to forget all you know, forgetting all you think, and moving forward as one who can undergo a massive, invasive, and intense overhaul of your mindset and vision of this entire world, of your entire world, is the first step. Face your fears of letting go of all your understanding and become a slate empty of knowledge and foresight, and just be. Just walk forward, into the tiny, flickering light of the darkness that lies before you in your path to the Afterlife, i.e. your Afterlife of genuine, complete, and life-altering transformation.


Next, listen to the voice of your chosen guide as s/he guides you further into the ever-increasing darkness, all while your fear and uncertainty rise, even, at times, to an unmanageable level. Nevertheless, do not dare walk off the path, for only continued turmoil and anguish await those who do so. You must continue the journey, your journey across the deserts, the forests, and the oceans of trials, and drown yourself in their knowledge.


After a moment, you will begin to see the light of knowledge; the light that will guide you to your own knowledge, understanding, and mastery of a new mindset and vision on life. It is here you will begin to see and feel a new transformed you. It is here you must be on guard to not leave your path prematurely. Onward and upward as you cut away from the remaining spaces of darkness and walk towards a light you never knew, never before imagined.


Onward and upward; through the denseness of the remaining forests, oceans, and deserts of confusion, you feel the mastery of a new level of thinking, a new level of seeing begin to solidify within your mindset, within your eyes, within your heart and entire being. Here is where you are finally able to incorporate and actually benefit from all you have learned, all via the path of Death. You now feel the transformation of yourself moving throughout your entire being; pumping through your veins and thoughts. It is here you arrive at the apex of the first part of your journey; where you walk out onto the clearings of clarity.


Master of your journey, or, rather, the first part of your lifelong journey, i.e. of your new life given to you form the hands of Death. This is where you make the difference you sought for so many years, over so many tears, over so many expletives, over so much confusion. It is here that you can now see the futility of all the previous quick fixes you wasted your life on. All of which equated to weeks, months, years, and thousands of dollars of waste. It is here that you finally understand the freedom that comes with actual transformation; the security of this, your transformation; the fulfillment of your life. All this, because you embraced Death and welcomed true, guided, transformation.

You are now truly your own; empowered to take over your world, finally.


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