A Note to Bash Blind-Mindedness & Unite Us In Business & Personal Circles Across the World


It matters not how people get the message, how they reset, or where they get the guidance from…as long as they, as we, all get the message, the help, and the guidance to reset.

Look around yourselves at the TV shows, news content, social media platforms, and what nonsense trends today on video and sharing platforms and you will quickly understand that there are serious issues with our global society. This society is not our creation; it is not the one we desired to create. There is something fundamentally wrong as it is a society that is guided towards and addicted to distractions, nonsense, apathy, and shallow thinking foundations that stifles its own development.

Whatsmore, this society, our society shuns and ridicules people across all countries who at this very moment are still waiting, hoping, to be helped by their fellow humans, by you, by all of us. These shamed and helpless people are those who cannot make their next month’s rent; who cannot put enough food on the table for their children; who cannot escape the demeaning sexual advances of their employers; who cannot report their verbally and physically abusive bosses for fear of retaliation and being fired; who cannot be warm because they are homeless and living under a bridge during the peak of the winter; who cannot sleep in a bed because they do not have the means to sleep anywhere save for a bundle of newspapers in an abandoned warehouse; who cannot get away from both the neighborhood gangs constantly targeting them to join a life of crime and the police constantly targeting them because they are underprivileged Blacks, Whites, Latino/as, or villagers.

These people need our help, they need your help, but they will never get any of it until we as a society can think and perform in an exceptional and unprecedented manner to help our ever-falling global society. The few who are able to shine a few lights of salvation once in a while in a few arenas of life are not enough. We need a consistent and perpetual wave of powerful mindsets, of thinkers and doers who can solve these debilitating issues that span the world, in both personal and business realms as well.

Before such a vast mindset resetting, these problems will never stop. They stem from blind-mindedness which gives way to a divided global society. These problems will never cease instilling pain onto children who have no protection, no choice but to suffer from the constant (unintentional) failures of their parents, their single moms or dads; they will never stop poisoning the minds and efforts of the people who cry for mercy at night from the massive turmoil in their lives. These problems will only stop when people are able to see the world with all its issues and invisible opportunities that surround them, their children, their education system, their jobs, their economy, and everything else in a light that reveals the whole of those issues and the whole of any solutions.

Thinking, seeing, and performing in manners that were never even previously fathomable requires a massive, in-depth mindset resetting. Superficial positive mantras, affirmations, and such will work only to a tremendously limited extent. Revamping the entire thinking foundation of an entire society of people will do more than anyone can possibly imagine to help advance our business and personal lives, as well as each other across the world. A tremendous overhaul to our cognitive structure, to the way we see the world, each other, and everything in it is needed. It is the only way we can help those hurting from such repugnant issues that should have been solved long ago across the world; many of those issues stem from outdated, limited, and grotesquely designed societal systems.

This bashing of blind-mindedness applies to all mindsets of all races, ethnicities, creeds, economic levels, and sexual preferences. This includes doctors, single parents, HR staff, IT and Blockchain staff (programmers/engineers/consultants), lawyers, police, academics, fast food staff, entrepreneurs, government employees, artists, oil drillers, managers, corporate trainers, investors, bankers, salespeople, motivational speakers, young and old…no one is divorced from this mandate to helping ourselves, which will, in turn, almost automatically (when done on a large scale) advance everyone across our global society.

Unification of mindsets, of people will never be possible unless we, all of us, create a large, gaping, divorce from our current way of thinking and seeing the world, and of performing in the world, both in business and personal arenas.

Hoping to see a tremendous wave of people joining the effort to help those in serious need for a good night’s sleep, a full meal, or a warm blanket tonight.

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