Did That Doctor Really Just Say That? (An Illustration of the Unfortunate State of the Global Society’s Mindset)


Photography credit to the talented photographer Bruce Mars (https://unsplash.com/@brucemars)

Some of us academics, doctors, teachers, executives, and other small and large-scale experts are trying to return the world to the more intellectual state it was in earlier. Join us in doing the same across countries, cultures, industries, and languages.

It is a sad state when the education system and distractions keep people from true learning. Also, when supposedly educated people, who actually lead new generations in education, do not possess universal principles of logic and reasoning that surround them every day.

During a conversation among colleagues regarding global efforts to improve people’s performance in all arenas across landscapes, a medical doctor in India said something so grotesquely stupid that my colleagues and I could not believe it. He said something along the lines of, “Well, that is a good endeavor that should be done in this world, e.g. with the intelligence communities, police, and universities, but we medical doctors don’t really need it since we operate at a high level.”

Yes. I know. That is the response of a short-sighted, illogical idiot, not the response you would expect (or at least desire) from a medical practitioner who actually teaches other medical students. Oh. That is a debilitating mindset that can easily poison other mindsets, especially those under his, sad to say, tutelage.

Most people understand, with no convincing required, that everyone can improve their performance. Anyone who says something along the above lines is obviously a danger to those s/he influences, including systems, e.g. educational systems, medical systems, and any other that could be improved upon – as all can be improved upon.

This is just one simple, real-life example of the opposition that keeps this global society’s intellect down. For this reason, the world is in a lesser state than it would be if people were to regain the education, potential, and intellect that once roamed across the world during the times of grand thought, of enlightenment when true learning was seen as a must, as something much more people yearned for.

Do you know anyone suffering under this growing wave of blindness and idiocy that continues to spread throughout the world against people without prejudice to any race, ethnicity, culture, or age? Single mothers/fathers, unemployed workers, college students, aspiring career changers, aspiring entrepreneurs, families who are barely making it as this world tightens its grip on the already low income of families? Contact me via personal message or the website www.DrHermanSJr.com and help (peacefully) return the intellect back to the people that once was for all the world. Join us as we do this via books, blogs, lectures, workshops, webinars, one-on-one education/mentoring, even starting stimulating and challenging (but safe and legal) conversations amongst others…because, remember, it is a sad state when the education system and distractions keep people from true learning.

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