Ancient Aliens Show How You Are Missing Out On Your Life

  • Do you believe aliens have visited Earth?
  • Do you believe aliens live amongst us right now?
  • Do you believe aliens created or helped create the human race?
  • Do you think this is all nonsense?

Regardless of where you stand on Ancient Alien Theory, the ability to see its possibility or explain away the possibility rests on your own ability to see things from angles that most others cannot even begin to see.

However, when one examines the facts, the science, the archaeological finds of ancient sites that give credence to the possibility that aliens visited Earth long ago, and possibly even had a hand in creating or modifying humans, one is forced to conclude the idea at least warrants more investigation, rather than simply and foolishly shutting it down without genuine and logical foundation. Shutting one’s mind to the trove of astounding evidence across space and time is nothing less than either an idiotic and childish reaction, or a deliberate attempt to withhold underlying truths from our global society for whatever reason.

When any evidence of any field leads to a baffling conclusion, one cannot throw the evidence away and try to cover it up, or explain it away with nonsense. One must follow the evidence wherever it leads. Doing so is how civilizations advance. This is how societies grow. This is how people learn. Only by seeing things from the proper angles were people able to realize this possible reality of Ancient Aliens.

Can you see that this issue of possible ancient aliens relates to your issue of not being able to find a job, or not being able to get promoted, or not being able to pass your education, or not being able to find and secure that love, or not being able to get that label to sign you for your music, clothing, artwork, or modeling, or not being able to sell your book or even finish writing your book, or not being able to stop the atrocities happening to your race or ethnicity, or not being able to stop all the things happening around you and your family that is going on in broad daylight to squeeze every dollar and right from you and those you deeply love? If not, you will continue your pattern of blindness to the opportunities you have already missed. Seeing things as they should be seen, as they must be seen is the only way you can cure your blindness surrounding those very issues listed above, as well as a multitude more that negatively affect you and your loved ones’ lives.

Regarding the vison of the signs of ancient aliens that have already been on this Earth for thousands of years, many of them right in front of our faces, it took a single person who had the ability to divorce him/herself from the vision of the status quo, the deliberate and indeliberate distractions of society, i.e. the nonsense, and step back to see those signs that called out to him/her, to all of us and said for thousands of years, “Look at us. We have the truth to tell all of you that you have been seeking and fighting over for years.” It took that person who could look at things that hundreds of people, thousands of people, millions of people, even billions of people have seen countless times for millenia from a different angle, a new perspective to be able to see the information that was “hidden” in plain sight to be the one who could properly say, “Hey, something is different here. Something does not line up with what we are taught. Something is terribly wrong with how we have been seeing these things all over the world for thousands of years.” This very same ability that this first person was able to acquire, this very same vision, this very same mindset is the one you are severely lacking. It is the same one that continues to cause you limitations on a massive scale, whether you are already deemed extremely successful or extremely unsuccessful, what you are missing out on is enormous. You, and every other person who has ever existed, and who exists, and whoever will exist can only see as his/her blindspot allows him/her to see. Nothing more, ever.

The signs of possible ancient aliens were missed for millennia because no one could see things from the angle that really matters. Your issues of the above, and all others existing in your life stem from your inability to see things from all angles. And, from your limited mindset that causes you to only think in the limited pattern that has been created and fortified in your mindset from every year, experience, and influence in your life. Stop running past signs that lead to greater things in your life, step back to view those signs, learn to understand what they are, and ensure you can see what truly lies in yuor surroundings, just like the person who can see the signs (whether they are eventually proven true or not) that lead to the Ancient Alien Theory.

So, again:

  • Do you believe aliens have visited Earth?
  • Do you believe aliens live amongst us right now?
  • Do you believe aliens created or helped create the human race?
  • Do you think this is all nonsense?

Have you changed your answers after reading this piece? If so, why? If not, has your confidence in your original answer waned? If not, why? If so, why?Regardless of any of your answers above, this work is not designed to advance, or debunk, or advance Ancient Alien Theory, but to use it to help illustrate a serious, debilitating, and life-threatening issue you have of not being able to see and think about things from every angle, and depth, that is even possible. Then, only then, and never, ever, before, will you be able to see, think, perform, and advance in the ways you want, in the ways you need in order to overcome those issues that annoy or even plague your life, as well as the lives of those you love.


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