Resetting One’s Mindset by Understanding the Foundation of Intentionality via Language


While the intentionality behind words is what accomplishes things and not necessarily the words themselves it must be understood that the words themselves also matter due to the ingrained meaning to the practitioner. A thought experiment would help with understanding this idea.

Suppose one were to grow up in a community that switches the meanings of certain words, e.g. love means hate and positive means negative. In this situation the same denotation, the same energy, or frequency attached to the word “love” in our real life present day community would be attached to this hypothetical community’s word “hate.” The person in the hypothetical community would genuinely be using the words “hate” and “negative” for making life better, for improving human potential. In comparing two individuals, one from the hypothetical and one from our real life community, the only real difference between them would be the words used. The intention behind the practice would bring about the success.

This example gives an understanding to how people of varying languages can use different words, different sounds, but still arrive at the same successful conclusions, the same benefits. The word for “love” in English “love,” in Hindi it is “pyaar” and in Russian it is “lyubov.” All these words have different spellings and sound frequencies but the intention behind them is the same. We can then understand the reason for the foundational similarity of the ideas and concepts between the metaphysics and business leadership/success realms.

We understand that the driving factor behind the success in these areas is the emotion, the power, the energy, the frequency of a person’s intention. A point which is further attested to via a concept in quantum physics called the Copenhagen Interpretation, or the wave-function collapse. While that concept focuses on effects at the quantum level, the concept remains the same, i.e. the materialization of things, brought about via hard work, which stem from intention; the intention which is materialized with the use of tokens, in this case, the token being language (the use of certain words which possess the desired connotations needed to bring about the desired result).

Mindset resetting focuses and only concerns itself with resetting the mind according to the universal foundations of the truths that are all around us, which are seen via various fields and sciences. Only those who can see and use these foundations will be the ones who can think tremendously beyond the status quo and succeed as the greatest thinkers in all of history have done.

Join in the mindset resetting process today by commenting below how you have noticed, or not noticed, this connection noted above.


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