Mindset Resetting – The Only Way to Become One of the Greatest Thinkers


Functioning at the highest cognitive level requires intelligence and desire. Mostly desire as desire is what drives the intelligent and the unintelligent forward to be able to overcome obstacles so to be able to function at the highest cognitive level. However, without direction, without guidance, without the secrets and strategies to be able to reset one’s mindset, all the intelligence and desire will either not prove helpful enough, or will only take one only so far, and only after many mistakes, drawbacks and wasted time. Whatsmore, since without the secrets and strategies, resetting one’s mind will be an arduous and time consuming task that will come with a large amount of mistakes, drawbacks and wasted time which will equate to many years. These wasted years is something none of us have, much less one who desires to become one of the greatest thinkers on the planet. Ergo, only with the proper direction, guidance, secrets and strategies will one be able to ensure the resetting of one’s mind, leading to the greatest vision, the greatest thinking and performance possible which can be used in life, both work and personal.

Mindset resetting grants the awareness of all that surrounds oneself, i.e. all that is useful to oneself and all that is dangerous to oneself, via the understanding of interconnectivity. It does so to such a tremendous level which ensures one can see things that were previously invisible – SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). Resetting helps ensures the ability to see what one could not see so one can do what one could not do. It ensures one can solve issues that could not possibly be solved, nor even seen before due to limited, stifled vision. Resetting ensures this ability via the principle and power of Interconnectivity; the fundamental universals within all things – from military intelligence to art, quantum physics to law, sales to culinary arts, music to law enforcement, psychology to weightlifting. This principle is what shows that all people, things, rules, ideas and innovations are interconnected. It, in turn, maximizes one’s performance in all arenas, both relating to work and personal life. This then ensures visions, ideas, accomplishments and rewards arrive on the grandest and fastest scale that is ever possible and which was ever possibly anticipated.

Mindset resetting gives one the power, the ability to see issues and ideas, answers. It gives oneself the only tool to see things how they truly are, and the ability to use that knowledge in the most effective manner ever possible.

If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.

– Buckminster Fuller


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