Want to Become an Exceptional Thinker in Business & Life? Start by Understanding How to Relieve & Even Stop Physical Pain


By Dr. HermanSJr.

January 31, 2017 | Copyright © 2017

Cowards cower to their fears, be they physical, emotional or mental. Heroes also face the same fears, but they choose to advance in spite of those fears and pains. Exceptional thinkers, stupendous strategists and eminent managers understand that in order to advance far ahead into the Elysium of business or of life they must endure the painful turmoils of the trenches, like Dante guided by Virgil they must undergo the fearful trails of Hades and emerge victorious on the greener side of the heightened mountain in order to feel nirvana. Ergo, the thinkers, the doers, the ones who change the very patterns of business and of their personal lives are the ones who understand that you must not only stop avoiding the pains of life, the discomforts of this earthly terrain, but actually embrace the trials and tribulations that come with living a life whatsoever. However, for one to even understand this kind of mindset, to know this powerful maxim of life, one must first be able to see things from such an original angle, i.e. one must be of a mindset that is drastically different from the status quo that rests all over the world. One must be able to think outside of conventional norms. One must be able to see things that most others on the entire planet can not see, and, whatsmore, that most others cannot even begin to fathom. This understanding begins with a total mindset resetting, and this includes a resetting of how one thinks about pain/discomfort.

Subconsciously, many of us across cultures and languages already think differently about how we can excise pain/discomfort. One example is when we suddenly feel pain and we lessen or release the pain by punching something, or by crushing something like an aluminum can, or by swearing, or by yelling. These tactics are subconscious knee-jerk reactions that are actually able to alleviate some of our pain; and the science behind these remedies makes oneself rethink how things are seen in the world and, therefore, how things work differently in the world than most people realize.

All of these tactics work due to a universal principle that influences and moves everything in existence, including people. This principle involves the redirection of frequencies, of energies, or, more specifically regarding our example, the redirection of frequencies which bring about negative states for people, i.e. states of pain. The tactic of punching or crushing something when experiencing pain allows the negative frequencies causing the pain to be redirected and channeled outside of the body into the target that is being punched or crushed, be it a punching bag, an aluminum can or a board. The tactic of yelling and swearing accomplish the same redirection. The underlying principle of these tactic is, sadly, understood by only a few in the world who use it to their advantage.

One of the groups of people who understand this concept of energy redirection is the traceurs, the practitioners of Parkour, or Freerunning. For example, when traceurs jump off extremely high places (say, over three meters) they do not just jump off the edge. They actually increase both their falling distance and their momentum. Now, to an average person this would seem completely counterintuitive. Why would traceurs desire to increase the height they are about to jump from, and their momentum, both of which can greatly increase the chances of them getting hurt or dying? This is because they thoroughly understand the secret frequency fluidity and the malleability of that fluidity. Because of this concept traceurs are able to seemingly defy everyday logic and survive feats of death by actually increasing the danger of situations so that they can come out alive.

Due to the counterintuitive nature of many Parkour techniques many people can find it difficult to understand exactly how science proves in practicality the techniques are actually safe, and even safer than conventional techniques that would be used by the people who are not traceurs, who are not familiar with the proper use and manipulation of fluidity.

What is most interesting about this example of Parkour and disseminating negative energies are the mindsets of the originators of Parkour and its unofficial predecessors. As with any new invention or field, or paradigm shift, the originators had to have the ability to see things from an angle which no others were able to see. They had to possess the ability to step outside of the status quo, out of the social or practice norms so they can perform meta-analyses that allowed them to see their current surroundings and themselves from different vantage points. Only this kind of thinkers who can routinely break out of their own way of thinking can see things from angles alien to themselves so they can create entirely new methods, inventions, sports and fields, e.g. Parkour – based on the understanding and use of frequency redirection. This kind of understanding also leads to the ability of continual easing or even complete excising of pain using this knowledge.

While many outside of Parkour and Freerunning have not heard of this concept of frequency redirection and manipulation, nor can even understand it when it is presented to them, many people across cultures and languages use it to their benefit when they do experience physical pain, although they use it on a subconscious level. Similar to this use in Parkour, the redirection of negative energy, of pain, is possible via harnessing that negative energy and guiding it via manipulating channels, such as those mentioned above (punching, crushing, yelling and swearing), although there are other channels.

After one is able to understand the concept of how to relieve and even stop physical pain, one’s everyday cognitive structure is rewired. Stifling misunderstandings and analytical gaps are removed and replaced with channels which make it possible to see things, in this case the issue of pain, in a manner that was never even possible. This new analytical style of thinking is then used in and applied to to other arenas of life (management, sports, marketing, politics, process efficiency, cost control, etc.). The exceptional thinkers understand how this information, i.e. the fundamental principles or concepts that govern the information, can be brought into industries and instances where everyone else would say they are useless, even nonsensical. This skill is evidence of a person’s heightened cognitive ability to see things, step back and see those things in ways that most cannot even fathom. It then allows them to use that understanding for the benefit across multiple seemingly unrelated where it can even later, ideally, taught to others for even grander business, personal and societal advancement.

This concept of frequency fluidity and redirection used as the catalyst behind the creation of Parkour, or Freerunning, is a fundamental concept which moves things in a positive or negative direction. Fundamental concepts like this are what move the universe. They are the concepts that are hypothesized about, searched for, discovered and professed by physicists across the world. These concepts are then applicable across multiple channels of life. For example, fundamental concepts in the field of quantum physics were used across seemingly unrelated industries and were able to grant us the ability to make grocery scanner lasers and DVD players’ lasers. Fundamental concepts in the field of zoology, physics and defense were able to grant us the ability to make stronger and lighter bulletproof material for police and military use.

As you can see, drastic paradigm shifts and all major inventions which defy the stifled status quo are only possible via exceptional thinkers who are able to see things as they currently are, step back and see things from other angles (as things should be), and apply new processes to reroute those things in ways that were never before possible. Understanding how frequencies, how energies are moved, manipulated and used around us, including our own physical pain, is one huge way that one can learn how to rewire their entire cognitive structure, their lifelong analytical composition and replace it with a far more effective thinking style so they can advance in business, sports, politics, management and life greater than what was even possible ever before.



A note of clarification:
We must realize that negative and positive frequencies/energies do not actually exist. Something becomes positive or negative (be it a frequency, energy, life event or object) only when it is judged from the eye of the observer as positive or negative; and, to a second observer that same thing may be deemed as the opposite of what the first observer judged it to be. This issue occurs only at the macro level, on the plane of existence or physics where humans reside. At the quantum level, where exists only energy, the universe, Nature, everything “just is.” Nature and its energies (such as the weather) just “are;” they are not actually deemed as positive or negative. Things are deemed positive or negative by humans. Pain is deemed as a negative energy because it leads to an undesired state. However, in order to communicate effectively the above work is written from the aspect of negative and positive frequencies/energies.

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