Secret Scientific Foundations that Influence Everything & Everyone (For Better or Worse)



Yes, there is a secret scientific foundation that influences everything and everyone in negative and positive ways which is buried beneath every system that exists. The way to discover this potential, this power is to step back and study as many fields, subjects and practices of business and life as possible. Only then can you conduct a large-scale meta analysis to see the foundations which lie beneath a trove of different, seemingly unrelated systems so you can control those systems in manners conducive to your goals. One way to begin gaining this insight is to pay attention to similarities in the smallest of things in life, even in somewhat unimportant cliches describing how life is like a game; let us take a look at chess.

Many people have said life is like a game of chess. Depending on how they are using this analogy they describe the game of chess in a manner that is most inline with their desired point. They say that just as the king possesses an army of his own that is controlled by him, in life you possess an army of your own that is controlled/influenced by you. This army represents the tools you possess in life. The king represents yourself, the queen your greatest asset (your exceptional communication skills, your doctorate degree in bioengineering, your charismatic leadership), the bishops your surroundings, the knights your ability to overcome/hurdle obstacles in your work/life, the rooks your powerful allies/friendships, and the pawns your ability to try new tactics to acquire your goals. The board represents your life path on the Earth. The opposing king and its army represents the complex adaptive system of obstacles of people, environment, finance, distance, limitations, etc. that are weighed against you which try to influence and destroy your army and, in turn, your goals. In order to win in chess and in life you must have a superb ability for SWOT analysis, an ability to see every strength, weakness, opportunity and threat from every angle so you can strategize against all attacks and lay claim to your goals.

This same style of analogy has been used across space and time with games other than chess, e.g. checkers, carrom, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, poker, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, mancala, mahjong, solitaire, and many more. Each game used for this analogy demonstrates the same foundational message only in a slightly differing manner, each according to the rules, tools and items found in each game. The end goal of all these analogies are always to communicate a message of how business/life is to be played carefully and actively while using the tools available to you and understanding and strategizing carefully against the variables set against you in business/life.

We find this style of analogy also taking place across time and space when it is used to compare life to various systems, e.g. plumbing, electrical, warning, fire fighting, and many more. The human body is compared to the universe, or to cars, or to electrical systems in regards to the body’s intricacies, its power, its vulnerability, its energy. Societies are compared to a food buffet, or to a box of chocolates, or to an ocean full of marine life. Companies are compared to symbiant systems in Nature, or to recipes, or to various human mentalities. This style of communication is ubiquitous throughout cultures, countries and languages not only because it is effective and simple to understand but because there lie valid universal structures which rest beneath those things that are being compared in the analogies.

Why is it that so many of these kinds of analogies are heard or read in many movies, newspapers, radio or personal conversations across cultures, languages and space and time? It is because the systems (the human body, games, recipes, plumbing and electrical systems, etc.) are actually sub/child systems of an enormous super/parent system that underlies and influences everything in existence in negative and positive ways – although it is necessary to recall that to this super/parent system there is no such thing as negative or positive; everything “just is.” Just as a tornado, hurricane, flood or volcano eruption is not inherently “bad” or “good” in itself, it “just is.” This super/parent system is what moves all systems with universal principles. Those universal principles make up a secret scientific universal foundation. This kind of universality in regards to influential foundations/rules is seen in many fields and areas of life; one such area is in the realm of Six Sigma, the universal system that can influence every business and individual in regards to processes, mentality and performance regardless of country, culture, industry and language.

Humans are also a part of this super/parent system. They are ultimately agents of that system, as well as agents of multiple sub/child systems. For example, humans are agents of the system called society. Just as with all agents in every system, humans are influenced by variables which move them in the most conducive manner that achieves the end goal of the system – society. Understanding and using the fundamental principles which move humans in society is how you can drastically increase your chances of success in business and personal life. However, in order to even begin to see those fundamental principles you must reset your mind so you can see beyond a limited mindset. Only those who are able to do so are able to undercut other systems and individuals in a manner that their competitors, enemies and even allies cannot even begin to comprehend. As an example, some of those who can see the underlying or fundamental levels within systems in existence are physicists.

In the scientific community some physicists hold onto a secret mentality which is that physicists are the ones who are at the fundamental level of all sciences because they understand the fundamentals of all that is in existence, i.e. the physics of existence. Regardless of this statement’s validity, the reason for this is because physicists understand and work with the bottommost layer of existence which affects every thing and every person in existence. Physicists understand the scientific foundation of all in existence, ergo, they can use this knowledge to influence particles, waves, systems at the most fundamental level, i.e. the level which most influences entire systems in existence.

Another example of those who can see the underlying or fundamental levels within systems in existence are genuine shamans, sages, Metaphysicians and the various Dalai Lamas. This example does not include charlatans who profess nonsense under the false umbrella of “metaphysics.” This knowledge of fundamentals is cross-compatible amongst various structures or systems to such a vast degree that it is able to work well with other seemingly unrelated systems, something that has long been understood and used by Interdisciplinarians across space and time.

When you can understand the truths of the above mentioned game cliches, and you can naturally and always see things in an interconnected light then you will be far more able to use universal principles that influence industries, corporations, militaries, governments and audiences. Similar to universal systems such as Six Sigma, strategic operations and cost cutting, this expertise of yours will be useful across countries, cultures, industries and languages; this is because those universal systems, as well as your newly acquired expertise, do not work only in businesses such as McDonalds or Exxon but not in businesses such as TATA or Boeing, or in countries such as USA or China, or in industries such as telecommunications or fashion. These universal systems have no boundaries; they are able to influence and benefit every entity, be it a law firm, medical clinic, accountant office, even an individual to help streamline processes, cut costs, raise income, increase potential and maximize performance, without prejudice.

However, all of these grand benefits are only possible after you are able to see things from a different perspective. Before you can reset your mind to maximize your own vision, your own capabilities, your own performance you will never be able to divorce yourself from your everyday cognitive structures to think in a manner that most people on the planet never even contemplate. This is because anytime people study a plethora of industries, fields, arts, sciences and conduct meta-analyses to understand the differences and similarities of those industries, fields, arts, sciences they will, after varying amounts of time according to each person’s cognitive ability, automatically rewire their own way of seeing things; this, in turn, will rewire their entire way of thinking about and strategizing things. This new ability will become a part of themselves as a new understanding, a new vision, a new capability that was just not possible before all the studies and meta-analyses. With that new knowledge will come an automatic desire and a practicality for cross-platform use, whether those cross-platforms are companies, countries, industries or sciences. Their new knowledge will be far more powerful and yield far grander results than all of what had been achieved previously.

Of all the above, the greatest benefit is that this mindset resetting is a symbiant self-perpetual cycle that affects every aspect of one’s life (business, family, social) which will also continue on for one’s life. Beginning the resetting process which leads to this kind if maximizing performance in all realms of life is the way to halt debilitating obstacles, such as limited thinking, that plague both low-achievers and high-achievers. This is because everyone, from the best performing companies, celebrities, athletes, models, and students, can always increase their performance. Only then, after the resetting can you realize and benefit from the power of using the universal secret scientific foundational principles that greatly benefit one’s company, job, field, life and family in the best manner possible.



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