Solving Complex Issues in Your Business & Life By Resetting Your Mind


Solving Complex Issues in Your Business & Life By Resetting Your Mind

By Dr. HermanSJr.

October 11, 2016 | Copyright © 2016


The plagues of business and life:

  • Decreased company performance
  • Decreased revenue and profitability
  • Decreased problem solving ability
  • Limited vision in opportunities and threats
  • Decreased employee morale
  • Decreased productivity
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Limited self-confidence
  • Decreased employee job satisfaction
  • Increased employee apathy
  • Limited cognitive processing speed
  • Limited critical thinking
  • Limited manpower due to cost-cutting


The all too common plagues of business and life such as those listed above lead to a revenue loss and a drain on businesses and individuals that are far-reaching and self-perpetuating. To obliterate them a solution must be found that not only removes their root causes but is also dynamic so it can change and adapt to the volatile environments of business and life and avoid as many possible future negativities. Such a solution comes about only from a mind that understands the interconnectedness of many variables and vantage points within business and within life. Interconnectivity is the medium through which that mind is able to understand and strategize against issues in business and life, such as those listed above.

Interconnectivity is resurfacing and being put to use across countries, cultures, industries and languages to bridge the gaps in thinking which lead to innovative ideas to solve complex and debilitating issues that otherwise regularly crumble businesses and individuals. This resurfacing is due to the fact that Interconnectivity forces people to rethink, re-strategize, re-implement and retrain themselves and others on issues, opportunities and threats in business and life. Interconnectivity coupled with a careful blend of psychological tactics ensures entire thinking foundations are wiped so new thinking, understanding, vision, methods, processes and solutions can be envisioned, designed, implemented and trained for solving complex issues in both business and life. All across space and time we can see the grand effects of this kind of powerful restructured thinking.

  • Apple’s turnaround as a giant in the computer industry with the former sugar water executive John Sculley
  • Jeep’s turnaround from being a dying car manufacturer due to the design of circular headlights instead of square ones with a former psychiatrist
  • Folgers’ turnaround and inculcated brand into the minds of consumers across the world with a former psychiatrist
  • The creation of Exxon’s powerful and influential name at the cost of $100MM with linguists and psychologists based on psychological principles including sound symbolism
  • The Intelligence Community’s creation of camera-equipped realistic robotic flying animals and insects for gathering intelligence with the novelty of designs in Nature
  • The medical community’s further understanding of strokes with the Interconnectivity of Music Theory and Neuroscience


The kind of mindsets that led to the massively successful ventures above is the kind that sees connections between things that most people across the world can never see. Only those with such mindsets have the ability to create solutions that obliterate complex short and long-term solutions that debilitate a business or a life.

Interconnectivity is the key to establishing this kind of mindset as it breaks into the limited mind, rewires the cognitive structures and opens the eyes so people are able to perform at maximum capacity. Only then can new systemic cognitive foundations be installed so new connections can be seen, solutions can be designed, threats can be avoided, and opportunities can be discovered and taken advantage of.

However, unfortunately, due to their limited thinking most businesses and individuals will never be able to perform at their maximum capacity and effectively solve the above listed plagues, and other issues, in the most effective manners to halt the bleeding of revenue and opportunities. Those businesses and individuals will only be able to create limited BAND-AID® solutions that will never be as effective as required against these and more complex future issues. Businesses and individuals must always perform at maximum capacity to survive and thrive in the most beneficial manners possible; the ability to perform at maximum capacity hinders on the businesses’ and individuals’ ability to restructure their mindsets so they can think on a level far grander than most so they can change and adapt to the volatile environments of business and life. The key to unlock maximum performance of any entity, be it a business or individual, is an unlocked, unlimited mindset that has been forged with the time tested efficacy of Interconnectivity. Those who possess such a mindset are able to solve complex issues in their business and life in the most effective manners.

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