If You Do Not Reset Your Mind You Will Never See the Big Picture & Stop Losing Opportunities in Business & Life



Seeing the big picture of things is critical to survival in every single aspect of business, and life. Not doing so costs you enormous amounts of money, mental frustration and time; the necessity of big picture envisioning is seen throughout the world in many aspects, e.g.:

  • In Marketing: Calculating and strategizing the plan for long-term benefits such as brand awareness and brand recognition; budgeting for expenses for non-immediate benefits; and so on.
  • In Art: Seeing the art within the empty canvas; freeing the sculpture from inside the crude medium before it is visible to all others; and so on.
  • In Music: Composing symphonies with a multitude of instruments; creating lyrics from a myriad combination of words and melodies; and so on.
  • In Employment: Taking a lesser job while working on a career goal of finishing school or starting a business to acquire a higher paying esteemed career; keeping quiet and dealing with office politics in order to get ahead in a job so to gain seniority, higher roles and grander salaries; and so on.
  • In War: Sacrifices in smaller battles for land, supplies and people to acquire overall victory; insertion of agents into enemy lands to acquire information over short and long durations so to gain an upper hand in desired areas of war (actual or psychological); and so on.
  • In Human Resources: Hiring new fresher/inexperienced staff who require training and supervision, and bring with them mistakes which cost time and money; and so on.
  • In Influence: Studying art, or music, or sound symbolism to understand how they affect people on a subconscious so to be able to move people in a way conducive to your goals; using the ubiquitous “fake it til you make it” maxim when starting a business (acting and speaking like you are already a successful business, empowering/employing others to profess/represent you as an already successful business in person or on social media); and so on.


At no time, in no way can any of the above, nor anything else be accomplished in business or life without an understanding and skill for seeing the grander scheme of things. Only when people have the ability to see the end goal, to plan for the desired outcome can they even begin to strategize to achieve their goals. Some everyday examples of the required point of seeing the big picture are noted when people parrot motivational reminders to themselves which keep them going, e.g.:

  • “I only have to deal with this job for one more year until I graduate college, then I can find a career in my field and quit this garbage job.”
  • “I only have to take this condescending client for one more week, then the project will be done and I can say good riddance to them.”
  • “I only have to deal with this employee’s antics until I secretly find a replacement, then I can fire him/her without his/her work falling upon me if I were to fire him/her now.”
  • “I only need to look for a studio/small apartment to stay in for now until I get back on my feet in six months, then I can get a better place and live as in a better place.”
  • “I only need to take small jobs for immediate cash flow and to build a brand name for my business for the next few months or year, then I can elevate my client requirements and marketing efforts, stop taking small jobs, doing low level marketing and giving things away for free.”


While some people try to keep the big picture in mind with the above mental reminders, most, including those who practice the above mantras, can only do this on a drastically limited level that continues to negatively affect them deeply because this skill requires many capabilities that most do not have, e.g.:

  • Capacity to see beyond immediate negative or less than desired environments
  • Capacity to gather information on the relationship between the immediate environment and the desired environment
  • Capacity to contemplate the most effective tactics for acquiring the desired environment
  • Capacity to conduct risk analysis based on those tactics
  • Capacity to perform the tactics
  • Capacity to maintain a stasis conducive to mental one’s health and the immediate negative or less than desired environment until the desired environment materializes


Sadly, the above capacities cannot even be met in the minutest sense for most people across space and time because they subconsciously have mental blinders on that only allow them to see things and think in the world in a way they are used to seeing all their life. Their vision, their thinking structure have been created and solidified based on a mixture of years of positive and negative experiences in life, limitations of culture, of language, of education and of social beliefs. These stifling variables have negatively calcified people’s cognitive structures so much so that it is extremely difficult for people to change their mindsets, to open their eyes to entirely new ways of thinking, and of planning, and of doing. Such a thing obviously leads to limited performance in business and life. Evidence of such limiting cognitive structures are visible in many arenas of life, e.g.:

  • Mental scotoma leading to inabilities to conduct effective SWOT analysis
  • Confirmation bias creating blindness in reality in contemplating and strategizing solutions and in socializing leading to missed opportunities
  • Confirmation bias in memory recall to make decisions leading to making decisions on incomplete information at best, and inaccurate information at worst
  • Tunnel vision as experienced when writing (leading to writer’s block), when viewing issues affecting business (leading to not seeing the interconnectivity and severity of those issues that are or can affect other aspect of the business), or when making any decision in life (leading to ineffective decisions that cost additional mental frustration, time and money)
  • Loss aversion leading to complacency and fear of genuine efforts towards gain
  • Nocebo effect that changes otherwise positive health into dangerous ailments
  • Apophenia, or Type 1 error, or even pareidolia leading to miscalculations, wasted efforts, time and finances


All of the discussed is based on a tendency to close in, to pigeon-hole, to create and foster silo thinking and activity. This practice as a long-term mentality leads to an enormous amount of harm rather than good. It stems from a closing in on facts, or unreal facts, in an unhealthy and blinding manner so intently that one cannot step back and see things properly, clearly that lead to a vision of the big picture and an ability to strategize for that bigger picture. The only remedy for this kind of contracted thinking foundation is a resetting, a rewiring of the entire cognitive structure so one can see things that could never be seen before, which gives way to an entirely new method of strategizing for maximizing performance in both business and life in general.


Unfortunately, this is drastically harder than one might even realize as this contracting of the mindset follows a natural pattern for humans (and for all living species) when faced with negativity. This closing in on things, the contraction of vision and the self are also seen in everyday occurrences, e.g.:

  • When people experience PTSD from any form of trauma that causes them to only the negative in situations that trigger the PTSD without being able to see the reality of positive solutions in those situations
  • When businesses experience issues leading to revenue loss in the form of actual loss or revenue potential loss due to stakeholders’ inability to see the issues and the business processes, or lack thereof, which are leading to and perpetuating the negative issues
  • When people experience writer’s block due to a submersion in their material that leads to an inability to step back and see ideas that are conducive to creativity which give way to a continual fluidity of ideas


The only way to see the big picture in your job, in your career, in your business, in your personal life for yourself, your children, your family, your own self-development is to break into your mind and rewire its limiting system into one that is conducive to seeing all of the previously invisible variables that affect your desires; it must also be rewired into a cognitive structure that continually evolves to see and quickly and effectively handle all future desires, threats and opportunities that come into your business and personal life.


These days businesses are leading the way of educational institutes and people’s life decisions by pushing specificity in degrees, certifications, resumes/CVs and thinking styles. This unfortunately is creating and perpetuating individuals that think and function based on a silo style of life which is grossly ineffective compared to those that think and function based on a principle of Interconnectivity style of life in order to see the big picture to see issues, threats and opportunities and resolve them for businesses and people the world over. These latter group of individuals are able to do this because they understand that if you do not reset your mind you will never see the big picture and stop losing opportunities in business and life. The time to reset is now.

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