Interconnectivity Resets Minds to Solve Complex Issues in Business & Life




Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.
– Albert Einstein


Experiencing any of these plagues of business and life?

  • Decreased company performance
  • Decreased revenue and profitability
  • Decreased problem solving ability
  • Limited vision
  • Decreased employee morale
  • Decreased productivity
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Limited self-confidence
  • Decreased employee job satisfaction
  • Increased employee apathy
  • Limited cognitive processing speed
  • Limited critical thinking

Want to obliterate those plagues and turn it all around?

  • Increased company performance
  • Increased revenue and profitability
  • Increased problem solving ability
  • Expanded vision
  • Increased employee morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Expanded self-confidence
  • Increased employee job satisfaction
  • Non-existent employee apathy
  • Expanded cognitive processing speed
  • Expanded critical thinking

Interconnectivity gives you these results.

Plagues as those listed above lead to a revenue loss and a drain on businesses and individuals that are far-reaching and self-perpetuating. Whatsmore, sadly, they are all too common in business and life. To halt their process a solution must be found that not only solves root problems on a foundational level but is also dynamic so it can change and adapt to the volatile environments of business and life.

Interconnectivity is resurfacing and being put to use in multiple areas of life and business across countries, cultures, industries and languages. It is the only powerful variable which bridges gaps in thinking that leads to innovative ideas to solve complex and debilitating issues that otherwise regularly crumble businesses and individuals. This is because Interconnectivity forces one to rethink, re-strategize, re-implement and retrain on issues, opportunities and threats in business and life. Using psychological tactics and Interconnectivity ensures entire thinking foundations are wiped so new thinking, understanding, vision, methods, processes and solutions can be envisioned, designed, implemented and trained in business and life. Grand evidences of using restructured thinking exist across space and time.

  • Apple’s turnaround as a giant in the computer industry with the former sugar water executive John Sculley
  • Jeep’s turnaround from being a dying car manufacturer due to the design of circular headlights instead of square ones with a former psychiatrist
  • Folgers’ turnaround and inculcated brand into the minds of consumers across the world with a former psychiatrist
  • The creation of Exxon’s powerful and influential name at the cost of $100MM with linguists and psychologists based on psychological principles including sound symbolism
  • The Intelligence Community’s creation of camera-equipped realistic robotic flying animals and insects for gathering intelligence with the novelty of designs in Nature
  • The medical community’s further understanding of strokes with the Interconnectivity of Music Theory and Neuroscience

The kind of mindsets that led to the massively successful ventures above is the kind that sees connections between things that most people across the world would swear are not connected. Apropos, solutions to problems in business and life that most cannot even begin to contemplate can easily be created, e.g. the ability of an accounting firm, law office or medical practice to influence people using art and its universal principles of influence.

Interconnectivity is the key to breaking into a limited mindset, rewiring the cognitive structures and opening the eyes, the potential and the desire to perform at maximum performance. This method of systemic thinking resets entire thinking foundations so new connections can be seen, solutions can be designed, threats can be avoided, and opportunities can be discovered and taken advantage of. It is the only method that grants businesses, cultures, governments and individuals a tremendous ability to resolve complex issues whose solutions cannot even be fathomed by experts within that business, culture or government.

However, for most businesses and individuals in whichever country, facing whichever of the above listed plagues will continue to bleed revenue and opportunities. For the few who may be able to resurface from some of those issues, they will only be able to create limited BAND-AID® solutions until those issues return or new more complex ones arrive. Businesses and individuals wanting to perform at maximum capacity must be equipped with a vision that can see solutions, opportunities and threats far into the future. This can only be acquired via a mindset that not only solves root problems on a foundational level but is also dynamic so it can change and adapt to the volatile environments of business and life.

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