Destroy Your Threats to Business/Individual Performance Before They Destroy You

Mindset Resetting As A Disruptive Service Destroys the Obstacles of Businesses/Individuals


Influence services that reset the limited minds of businesses & individuals into ones that annihilate obstacles are precisely the disruptive services needed by every business & individual across the planet to continually improve performance year after year.” – Dr. HermanSJr.


As most of us know, the most powerful weapon of any business or individual is the mind. This can work for businesses/individuals or against them. One critical aspect of this truth is the mind’s ability to constantly reset itself; the mind’s ability to constantly change & adapt its foundation, its cognitive patterns to ever-changing surroundings according to the needs of its host – the business or individual. While patterns are notoriously difficult to break, much more to reset, the mind has the ability to do this countless times.

Patterns are all around us in every arena of life (business, Nature, sports, mathematics, physics, Metaphysics, psychology, medicine, etc.). They exist in both positive & negative forms. These patterns materialize in our world in various positive & negative ways. Experts across all arenas constantly review their respected patterns in order to understand, change, use & benefit from them, as noted below.

  • Sports coaches & teams review the patterns of their rivals to determine their defensive & offensive strategies.
  • Businesses review the patterns of their competitors to determine their marketing, pricing & customer acquisition strategies.
  • Physicists review the frequencies & structures of atoms to determine the interactivity of various terrestrial & extraterrestrial bodies.
  • Chemists review the chemical elements & compounds to determine the composition required for & interactivity of beneficial drugs on the human body.
  • Phonologists (a specialization of certain Linguists) review the patterns of phonemes (sounds) to determine the sounds needed in languages to create words so to communicate & resonate with others positively (such as when complimenting) or negatively (such as when insulting).
  • Psychologists review the patterns of individuals, & even businesses, to determine their characters & predict & plan for their future actions.
  • Doctors review the patterns of viruses to determine their strengths & weaknesses in order to treat patients.

Only those businesses/individuals suffering from debilitating issues who analyze, understand, break & reinvent their patterns (e.g. their patterns of strategy, sales, productivity, hiring & training, etc.) have any hope whatsoever to climb out from under their obstacles, overthrow them & soar high in their missions. However, unfortunately, this is far easier said than done.

In order to overcome the obstacles (competitors, psychological limitations, decreasing revenue, negative mindsets, increasing employee turnover, grueling student entrance exams, stifling jobs & managers, etc.) the current mindset that led to these obstacles must be changed. Continuing to fight them with the same mentalities is a futile endeavor. The current limiting mentality must be removed, its platform wiped clean & replaced with a new, more powerful & conducive mindset. This principle is also seen in the all other arenas of life such as those noted below.

  • Computers are wiped of their problematic operating systems & have new operating systems installed so all negative issues of any size, of any type are completely annihilated.
  • Business consultants are brought into companies hurting in various areas of the business, e.g. sales, marketing, employee turnover, strategy, etc. since the current management cannot see things with a mindset required to solve those issues.
  • Dilapidated buildings are demolished & replaced with new buildings after a vast of negative & unsafe issues arise from years of patchwork & short-term Band-Aid® solutions that were not long-term solutions.
  • Ineffective teaching systems are replaced by systems that relate difficult material to something of students’ interests. (A student interested in fashion is taught to equate the founders of a country to Giorgio Armani, Versace & Louis Vutton.)

As illustrated above, the resetting of the mindset, the shifting of the thinking foundation, the breaking & rewiring of the cognitive pattern is the crucial element of powerful short & long-term change that impacts businesses/individuals.

Patterns exist all over, both positive & negative, in every aspect of life. A debilitating pattern of any type that is ingrained in businesses/individuals for many years is notoriously difficult to break. Resetting the negative patterns in any businesses/individuals of any location, language & industry can only be accomplished via disruptive services that command sound understanding of influential sciences, the conscious & unconscious psychological tactics, as well as subtle & strong influence. Otherwise, any efforts to do anything against the already deeply established negative patterns of businesses/individuals will be completely ineffective at worst, or yield only minimal success in the short-term at best.

Whatever methods, consultants, strategies businesses/individuals decide to use to improve performance that is ever-dwindling, they must be powerful, immediate & proven; else, the businesses/individuals will never experience the drastic improvement that they desire, that they are capable of.


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